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What is Vidsell?

Vidsell™ is subscription service that provides you with regular custom animated 10 second branded video designed to supercharge your social marketing strategy. Vidsell™ provides you with regular, high quality video content, that profiles your products, services, sales, special offers and more.

You already have the images, we work our magic and you get back a video file ready to upload and share.

Every Vidsell™ is attention grabbing moving imagery that is produced natively for ‘auto-play’ social video streams. Created with up to 5 layers of content provided by our clients. Increase product awareness, leverage videos social reach and drive direct sales actions online with a Vidsell charged marketing strategy.

Don’t require regular Vidsells? Order your Vidsells for $49 each.

Leverage ‘auto-play’ video on social platforms

In a recent report, our friends at Socialbakers found “native Facebook videos get more reach than any other type of post.” Concluding that, when you post a video instead of a photo, you’ll see an average boost in reach of 135%.

Oh, and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently proclaimed that

“In the next five years, most of [Facebook] will be video,”


The guys over at Twitter are at it too, telling us that;

  • Audiences have better video recall with autoplay. In fact, we saw a significant 14% lift in video recall over other video formats.
  • For brands, during our autoplay tests we saw a 7x increase in completions of Promoted Videos.


An awesome little study performed by Unruly reports that 40% of the top 1,000 Instagram videos were created and published by brands! And did you know that 9 out of 10 Instagram video shares happen on Facebook?


That’s social engagement gold right there, and that’s why we created Vidsell™.

I want that reach


Our team of motion designers are ready for you.

It’s super simple. You’re already using images to promote your products and services. You pass them on to us and we work our magic to convert them into animated images that harness the power of video and put you at the cutting edge of social media marketing.



Let’s do this



Leverage the reach of video online

Social media users love video. So social media platforms set their algorithms to love video too. Get more reach, get more shares, get more likes, get more action.


Engage target customers with eye-catching visuals

Catch the eye with moving product images. But not just your product image, include features, special offers, limited offers, sales, price reductions, calls to action and the list goes on. Get their attention and increase their need to act.


We handle the creative and technical production

Learning how to edit and animate takes time, effort and in the end, you’ll spend more time on that than the rest of your business. With Vidsell it’s like magic. You send us in the project images and details, we send back the Vidsell as a video file ready for you and your loyal customer to spread over social.


You focus on your marketing strategy

Because you’re not bogged down trying to edit videos and tinker with the technical production you’re free to focus on the marketing strategy for your business. Making sure you put your Vidsells in front of the right eyes for maximum impact.


Subscription based service with flexibility in mind

Digital marketing and regular content go hand in hand. Our subscription based service means you can know what content you’ll have at a fixed price, so there’s no surprises. But we also have the flexibility to create more Vidsells for special events and offers if that’s what you need.


Take your product marketing to a new level

Vidsell gives you the leading edge on your competitors who are yet to embrace the power of video on social media. Animated product images will put you ahead of the curve.

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