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  • 4 Vidsells/month
  • 24hr turnaround time
  • 1 Vidsell/turnaround time
  • 24hr support
  • Additional Vidsells $35/Vidsell

$99/month (AUD)

  • 10 Vidsells/month
  • 24hr turnaround time
  • 5 Vidsells/turnaround time
  • 24hr support
  • Additional Vidsells $29/Vidsell

$249/month (AUD)

  • 30 Vidsells/month
  • 8hr turnaround time
  • 10 Vidsells/turnaround time
  • 24hr support
  • Additional Vidsells AUD$35/Vidsell

$749/month (AUD)

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guarantee-large-02We’re pleased to offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee on every Vidsell. If you’re not happy with the design or animation of a Vidsell, and we fail to deliver a replacement Vidsell that you love we’ll happily refund your payment.



What about Facebook’s 20% text rule for paid promotions?

One great advantage of Vidsells is that Facebook only applies it’s 20% text rule to the thumbnail you choose. This means you can select a thumbnail that meets the 20% text rule, and still include more text within your Vidsell.

I have more than one Business, can I order Vidsells for each Business under the same subscription?

Our monthly Vidsell plans are limited to a single Business entity. As your logo will be stored and regular style information and templates will be gathered over the duration of your subscription each Business requires it’s own account. You are welcome to sign up again if you have more than one business.

I’m thinking about signing up… when can I get my first Vidsell?

Once we’ve checked your details and activated your account, you’ll be able to submit your first Vidsell project. We’ll be sure to have it delivered to you within the maximum turnaround time. So you’ll have your first Vidsell ready to share within 24hrs of signing up at the most.

Will I always have to wait the Maximum turnaround time?

Not always. These are maximum turnaround times, so this is the very latest you should expect to see your Vidsell. We cannot give you a minimum time, so please don’t keep asking when it will be ready. You’ll be notified as soon as it’s ready for you to download.

But what if I have an urgent project…can I get things back quicker?

If you have an urgent project and need to meet shorter turnaround times, please contact us prior to uploading and we’ll be able to indicate our best turnaround for the project. Please note, urgent jobs may attract an additional fee.

What if I think my Vidsells can be better?

We want to create the best Vidsells for your business that we can. And whilst we have our own internal quality controls, we know we can always improve, that’s why you can give us feedback on every Vidsell we deliver. By providing feedback, you’ll give direction that we’ll take on board for future Vidsells.

What if there is something wrong with my Vidsell?

Whilst we do everything we can to make sure that your Vidsell is ready to go, we’re only human so we recognise that we can make mistakes. If there is a functional problem with your Vidsell, get in touch and we’ll fix it and resend it as quickly as possible. This does not include design preferences, only a mistake on our part that would make the Vidsell unusable will be fixed.

But what if I am just really unhappy with my Vidsells?

If you’re really not happy with what you’ve received then please get in touch via the contact form. We want you to be happy, so guarantee-02we’ll do everything we can to make sure that you are getting the Vidsells that you are after.  If we can’t deliver on what you need then we offer a 100% money back guarantee, so let us know.

What if I update my Logo or brand style guide?

That’s not a problem. You will simply need to update your logo and branding information and we’ll use that for all new Vidsells.

What if I update my logo or brand style and want my old Vidsells updated?

Of course we can do this. But each Vidsell would either need to come out of your monthly subscription or alternatively, get in touch and we can provide a quote for doing this as a one off project.

What if I have some other ideas for Vidsells that aren’t covered by your standard options?

Get in touch with us. We’ve got a bunch of skilled editors so we can possibly provide you with more options – and who knows, maybe offer it as a Vidsell option one day. However, these options may attract a higher fee if they require more within the process to complete. Again, get in touch and we’ll be able to provide a clearer response.